2 BHK Single Floor Low Budget Home At 650 Sq Ft For 8 Lakhs

If you’re looking for a single storey, two bedroom house that’s both traditional, yet modern at the same time, then this could be your home.  The pillars holding the expansive sit out go perfectly in line with the railings on the veranda. The house doesn’t have many fanciful pillars, and the only two present are partially designed with a unique design of grey granite claddings that is entirely different from the wall designs.


The bordered edges of the external walls have an eccentric brick design that looks to get along well with the roof. The plan is pretty simple. However, it has everything that is essential for a home, making it worth a peek. It has one of the most peculiar roofs we’ve ever seen. The moderately sloping design rises up to meet a few pinnacles that are designed with the alluring cones.


The sit out near the entrance is spacious and lead to an expansive living room. This house consists of a dining room which has a direct access to the kitchen area. There are two bedrooms both with the attached bathroom facilities.

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