2 BHK Single Floor Low Budget Home At 861 Sq Ft

Admiration for a sloping roof is not with everyone and so many prefer to have flat roofs as well. If you’re one among them who are admiring for the flat roofs,  then you should better have a look at this. This house is the best example to those alluring flat roofs. This house is an extraordinarily simple and plain Kerala home design which is blended up together with the newest architecture. It does not have any or moreover better to say, it doesn’t need any softness of curves to make it glow. Since already the sharp edges and solid lines are doing a great job.


Like many modern houses inspired by lack of curves, this house is also having a flat roof that can’t be seen. It only serves to heighten the box shape of this house and its refined architecture. The modish wall surrounding the open terrace is the highlight of this house and they try to enhance the style of this simple house.


The designer also added up some pillars as decorative factors and with some granite claddings as well. You’ll also notice a speciality of the windows used in this house which serves to allure the beauty of the entire house, especially with the grills. This house plan is provisioned with many attractive facilities which include a porch, a sit out, a spacious living room, comfortable dining room, a modular kitchen with an adequate work area and store and a terrific terrace on the rooftop.

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