2 BHK Single Floor Low Budget Home Design At 1100 Sq Ft

This stunning home offers all the tranquillity for your sweet family within a cramped space. Therefore this house could be considered as a consummate choice. It not only is alluring on the outside but also from the inside. So many roofs are given to this house with almost all the roofs having the same shape and size. The roofs are unique and extravagant and also it has an extra projection from the top of the roof forming another one.


The roofs are designed in a beautiful stunning way to attract all the gaze.  In addition to these, there are special designs in between the triangular juncture of the roofs making it elegant and beautiful. There are few pillars seen here and there supporting the roofs of car porch, and the sit out portion.


These pillars are designed with the granite claddings to almost to its full length. There is wooden like railing structure in front of the sit out to enhance the beauty of the entrance. The entire house plan is plotted across an area of 1100 Sq ft.

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