2 BHK Single Floor Low Budget Home Design At 732 Sq Ft

Most people used to save money for over 20 years at least and then plans to build a  dream home. Thereby a dream come true factor always lies behind building a house. And at this time if you are looking for a low budget Kerala home design then come there is no doubt about this house matches you. The design of this house is plush yet very simple and really fit for a small family having a low budget. Nowadays, people are behind single floor designs, especially in Southern India, Kerala.


Again it is a house inspired by a flat roof which made the house look very stylish and modern. The top portion of the flat roof near the open terrace is nearly invisible, and also the borders connecting to the roof has a charming outline.


A minimal number of only two pillars could be seen near the entrance. Without even a clue of curves, the designer has used the beauty of a flat roof and sharp edges to decorate it into a house with a high exquisite appeal. The house plan starts with a car porch that has adequate parking space for a car. To its left is a sit out which is neither large nor too small and will direct you to the living room of the house. The house consists of two bedrooms, a common bathroom facility, a spacious dining room, a kitchen with a work area and stairs to climb upstairs.

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  1. Bibin james says:

    Nice, 3bhk single floor plan, full clearance on site in 15 Lak

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