2 BHK Single Floor Low Budget Home Design At 900 Sq Ft

Here’s a square-shaped inspired house that’s designed by blending both traditional and modern architecture. The house is sheltered by a flat roof. The entire house is having a sharp edge outlines and the house is made simple with all the necessary facilities. The house is designed with a less number of pillars which are cuboidal in shape, which stands just in front of the house holding the sit out portion. The pillars are designed with some carvings to enhance the frontal beauty of the house.


The frontal top portion of the house is given a beam like extension which gives out a modern look to this house. The outer walls of the open terrace portion are also designed with the same beam structure but in a vertical position. The entire house is planned to plot across an area of 900 Sq Ft and with all the necessary facilities a small family can live in happily.


The house consists of a small sit out, a warm welcoming living room, a dining area, a kitchen with an adequate storage facility and work area, 2 bedrooms, and an open terrace.

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