2 BHK Single Floor Low Budget Home Design At 968 Sq Ft

Here’s the most exotic Kerala villa designs which represent both the traditional as well as the modern contemporary styled home. This house is an affordable house plan with convenient facilities and provisions. The entire house is a combinational touch of both flat as well as the sloping roof. Few pillars are seen supporting the front portion of the house. These pillars are designed in a blank plain cuboidal structure.


The pillars make the house look more simplistic and elegant. The walls are kept simple and bare except for some portions designed with granite claddings as well as wall claddings. The entire house spreads over an area of 968 Sq Ft with all the necessary facilities one small family can bear.


The house consists of many facilities like a compact sit out which leads to the warm and comfortable living room, an expansive dining area which has a direct access to the kitchen for making the serving part much easier.

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