2 BHK Single Floor Low Budget Home Design At 1183 Sq Ft

Let’s have a look at this economical home design which stands out from other designs in the neighbourhood. The house reflects the most trending contemporary style as well. The house is sheltered using a sloping curvey typed roof which is placed in the car porch portion. The remaining portion of the house is given a flat typed roof. Few pillars are given in the frontal portion which is specially designed.


These pillars are cuboidal in structure with some decorative elements in it, especially the granite claddings. Most of the walls are plain but still some walls are decorated with the parallel lines and some walls are given granite claddings as well. External windows are given a separate shading which protects from the excess sun rays.


The entire house is planned and plotted across an area of 1183 Sq Ft with all the necessary facilities. The house is provisioned with a small car porch, a sit out, a warm welcoming living room, a dining area, a kitchen with a storeroom, 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms and an open terrace.

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