2 BHK Single Floor Modern Home At 1033 Sq Ft

Guess? Do you want to have a small house to replica like a Villa instead? This house looks like it’s a single floor that widely spreads across an area of 1033 Sq Ft and which gives a blow majestic look as a Kerala home with its exclusive architecture. A very ew pillars are structured here in this house which could be the reason that gives a villa like effect. The one special thing is the sloping roof which is adorable still, it is traditional and located high above the porch that makes it alluring.


The pillars help to get a hold on the porch, and the granite claddings found on their cuboidal body go well in line with the overall design. A unique black stripe is covering the entire triangular portion of the roof and on some parts of the walls along with the matching, open terrace walls make this villa look all the more unique.


The entire plan is composed to have nice, cool sit out area which leads to a welcoming living room, and adjacent to the living room is the kitchen area. There is a dining room which has a direct access from both the bedrooms which is having attached bathroom facility.

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