2 BHK Single Floor Modern Home At 946 Sq Ft

If setting up a house with one of the modern styles credible is your dream, then you should have a look at this house. the house can’t be explained without using the most attractive words around and is indeed a house with its twinkly, alluring roof and stunningness. The house is the best example of the form of mixed modern and traditional designs. This house has mixed up both the traditional as well as the modern architectural designs.The designer here used both the slopy and flat roof to represent both traditional and modern designs.


The sloped roof is used in front of the house and whereas the flat roof covers the remaining portion. The car porch and the sit out portion are given the sloped one. There are not many pillars seen throughout yet few pillars are seen supporting the sit out and the porch area.


The cuboid structured pillars, walls and every nook and cranny of the house show no trace of curves, making the house all the more modern. The entire house consists of 2 bedrooms with attached and common bathroom facility.

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