2 BHK Single Floor Modern Home Design At 1007 Sq Ft

Searching for a house plan to put up in a single floor format? Then for sure, you should check this amazing plan and design that you might build at once you see it. To start off with, the curvy slope of the roof can be taken. It is the most noticeable factor in this house making it unique from the neighbourhood homes. This roof is considered to shelter the car porch area, and for the remaining portion, a flat roof is used.


These roofs not only gives the shelter but also gives a trending design. Not completed yet, one more design hard to miss out is the front portion of the house with the parallel black stripes.


There are few pillars seen supporting the curvy roof. These pillars are doing a good job by enhancing the beauty of the house. The pillars are embedded with the granite claddings to almost half its portion.

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