2 BHK Single Floor Modern Home Design At 1087 Sq Ft

We are presenting you this house which honestly meant to sack your breath in. The design is well planned and put together by such precise and classic planning that it makes it no-way to look away. The house is entirely planned without a single curve and but to balance the entire contemporary style, a small curvy roof structure is used in one corner of the house. Even though, the lack of curves plays a big role in accentuating the allure of all the sharp edges found almost throughout the house.


There are many pillars used in the frontal portion of the house holding the roofs. Pillars are seen decorated with granite claddings to almost till the half portion, and even on certain portions of the walls. The entire house is planned and plotted across an area of 1087 Sq Ft with all the necessary facilities for a family to live in happily.


the house is provisioned with facilities like a car porch, a small sit out area, a living room, a dining hall, a kitchen situated near the dining hall to make the serving easier, a work area, 2 bedrooms with appropriate bathroom facility and an open terrace.

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