2 BHK Single Floor Modern Home Design At 899 Sq Ft

If you aren’t a big fan of the sloping roof design which tends to be the focus of most houses, then here is a mega substitute. The house is given many decorative elements which enhances the beauty of the entire house. The decorative elements start from the very beginning of the house, that is from the sit out portion where the extended roof is given a special outline with square voids in between the semi-circular roof.


Then towards the sit out area of the frontal portion of the house, where the sitting area is given a criss-cross section. The entire house is designed and plotted across an area of 899 Sq Ft with all the necessary facilities for a small family to live in peacefully.


The house is provisioned with a sit out portion, a car porch, a warm welcoming living room, a kitchen located near to the dining area to make the serving easy, a storage room, 2 bedrooms with attached as well as common bathroom facilities and an open terrace.

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