2 BHK Single Floor Modern Home Design At 968 Sq Ft

Here’s a new but traditionally following designed contemporary elevation of a single storey house that actually blooms in its own majesty. Every little thing as a whole is about beauty, but the most impressed part is that the combination of roofs, which can be put together to cover an area of 968 Sq Ft which still provide you with 2 bedrooms. The entire house is somewhat the combinations of all the traditional, modern and as well as the contemporary style.


The house is maintained well with all the necessary needs of a small house. The house basement is given a rock construction which will look stunning from the frontal view. The house is supported by the cuboidal shaped pillars which are decorated with the granite claddings.


The car porch area is supported by the pillar portion. Every external window is given an elongated shading apart from the roofing. The entire house is provisioned with a car porch, a sit out area, a living room, a kitchen placed near to the dining area, a storage room, a work area can also be included, 2 bedrooms and an open terrace.

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