2 Bedroom

2 BHK Single Floor Simple Home Design At 800 Sq Ft

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Majority of us belongs to the category of people who were searching for a small cute compact sized home. The house with these above feature are meant only for a small happy family. But here we present you a home design which is well spaced for a quite big family. The house looks like a cuboidal block.

To explain frankly there is no pillars seen throughout the house, which is instead compensated with some beams. Every external wall are made simple and yet it reflects its elegance. The external windows are given separate sun shading to protect the interiors. Some steel bars are given in the open terrace area to enhance the beauty of the house.

The house is well maintained and constructed across an area of 800 Sq Ft with all the facilities. The house is given with a small sit out, a living space, 2 bedrooms with both sharing a common bathroom facility, a well comfortable dining area, a kitchen and an open terrace.

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