Low Cost Modern House Within Four Cents

This house shows an example that there is no limitation for a four-cent plot to have a four bedroom space. Foundation used here is Rabil Foundation. However, a beam was placed in the back courtyard near the well since the soil is somewhat less certain. Exterior was designed in the contemporary form with the stone cladding in the outdoor wall. GI tube gate is used here. GI tube is used in the gate and the external walls. It has been placed between gate walls.


It is given a flat roof along with the contemporary styled glass flat roof above the balcony. A yellow shade is painted on the walls of the balcony. Vitrified tiles are used throughout the house. Granite is used only in kitchen top and staircase.


Furniture in this house is made with plywood and multi-wood. Chadachi woods are used to make the dining table chairs. Gypsum false ceiling is used. A wide range of ventilation like big windows, a vertical pergola in the down wall of the staircase, and the patio is planned and opened up and LED lights were kept to brighten up with artificial lights.


Main Door is made with the steel and the other door with the fiber. All the windows are made with the UPVC pipe. The wardrobe and the kitchen cabinets are made of the aluminum composite panel. The TV panel and Prairie area are made up of multi-wood.


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