3 BHK Contemporary Single Floor Home At 1292 Sq Ft

Come! let me help you with a house designed to make your dreams come true. Searching for the coolest, modern house your money can purchase? Yes?! With a remarkable satisfactory low-cost plan, this will be definitely a house worth considering. When we look on to this elevation it has no curves at all and it is only the cubical ends that make it all the more gorgeous. The architect has masterminded up with a design that makes the house look exaggerated of its actual size. The pillars are designed to stand high and proud that lifts the house. They are elegant and simply act as reminders to the creativity the architect is efficient of.


They are elegant and simply act as reminders to the creativity the architect is efficient of.Nowadays not everyone has the esteem for a sloping roof. If you’re one among them, then this could be the best suitable house you’ve been searching for.


It owns one of the most beautiful flat roofs till date and a matching vulnerable design to go with. The peculiarity in this home design is the sit out, which extends to back side of the house. The sit out is supported with the help of plain grey painted pillars. The balcony is provided with beautiful railings to picture out the simplicity. The house is designed with three bedrooms with one attached bathroom. The other remaining bedrooms must share the common bathroom available. From sit out one can enter to the most welcoming living room. All the 3 bedrooms have direct access to the dining area. The kitchen is well placed with an attaching work area.

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