3 BHK Double Floor Contemporary Home At 1197 Sq Ft

We all dream of having an eccentric home one that’ll be engraved in our memory for years to come. We present one of that kind in detail. Since it is a contemporarily styled one it lacks the smoothness of curves and in addition, it has excellent lines and keen edges that only aim to heighten its astonishing beauty. A distinctive feature among all the other features of this house is the steeply sloping roof which slants only to one side. The first floor covers entirely with this type of roof to match this style. Some corner of the house is designed with granite cladding enhancing the beauty of the house.


The same but plain granite shapes are cladded up on to the pillars next to the main door. The windows are sheltered in many different designs, either in a box shape or a separate roofing, etc. Anyways all the windows are sheltered making a special effect to the house through this idea. All the window shape and sizes are different for each, one might be narrow and long whereas the others will be short and wide.


The balcony on the first floor have railings that are simple and plain. The entire house is envisioned to be built within an area coverage of 1197 Sq Ft. The house, however, hosts a compact sit out, comfortable living area, Three bedrooms all having attached bathroom facility, an expansive dining area, a kitchen with a work area, a stair to the first floor, upper living area, a balcony and an open terrace.

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