3 BHK Double Floor Contemporary Styled Home Design At 1700 Sq Ft

It has been designed and set jointly by such strained and stylish architecture that it makes it unendurable to look away. The house doesn’t have a single curve to be seen and the lack of curves helps to emphasize the allures of all the keen edges found throughout the house. The house is provisioned with the steeply sloped roof which will be the best choice wb=hen compared to the flat roof. The first floor roof has some special design in it, a design which enhances the beauty of the entire house.


There are many pillars seen throughout the house which will increase the beauty of the house with all the modern style. The house is actually the combination of traditional as well as the modern architectural. The entire house is planned and plotted across an area of 1700 Sq Ft with all the necessary facilities a house can have.


The house is provisioned with a beautiful sit out area, a warm welcoming living room, an expansive dining room near to the kitchen to ease the serve, a work area, a storage room and 3 bedrooms with all having attached bathroom and also a common bathroom in the ground floor.

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