3 BHK Double Floor Home Design At 1725 Sq Ft

This house will make a supreme possibility for a house in the city with an area coverage of 1725 Sq Ft. It’s alluring, modish, and has the obligatory provisions that you’ll surely expect for a pleasant life. This house is substantially about fine sharp lines and keen edges which has been included as an inspiration by a flat-roof design. Anything about the signs of soft curves is the two pillars rather they combine in well with the entire house. The home plan defines 3 bedrooms along with 3 attached bathrooms. Its sure about the fact that there can’t be more comforts a person could dream about and that too for an existence in the city as well as with a limited space.


Here some specialty lies for both the floors is that they share the same width and dimensions. As usual, the ground floor plan starts with a sit out that then opens up to a comfortable living room. The living room shares some area for the dining facility without any wall divisions.


A spacious kitchen is located in one corner of the house with an adequate work area. As referred formerly, the first floor is designed exactly as the same size of that of the ground floor.  From stairs that flight you to the first floor, you’ll be welcomed by a pleasant living area to your right. In the first floor, there are two bedrooms that are almost the same as that the bedroom found downstairs. The living room on the first floor leads you to a balcony like sit out space where you’ll  find yourself relaxed out in this very sit out.

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