3 BHK Double Floor Home Design At 2220 Sq Ft

It is not easy to track down a modern house that would fit your taste. Well, you are lucky this time! But this house elevation might put an end to your search. It has two storeys across an area of 2220  square feet and looks absolutely gorgeous. The unique low roof that slightly juts outward is undeniably alluring. This design could also be seen in the external window shades as well. This sure does heighten the distinctive design of this house. There are not many pillars to be seen, except for the ones holding the porch and the terrace together.


They do not have voluptuous,  but they are slender and curvy enough to fit in with the rest of the house. The door is covered with custom lacquer that reflects light. The entire house planned to have a comfortable sit out leading you to a most welcoming living room.


The living room shares space with the dining area and gives pathway towards kitchen on one side and on the other side, to the master bedroom. The master bedroom is facilitated with an attached bathroom facility and a kitchen with an adequate workspace is also allotted.


Opposite to master bedroom is provided with the stairs to climb up to the first floor where it is provisioned with the remaining two bedrooms with all the equal facilities as that of the ground floor.

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