3 BHK Double Floor Home Design At 998 Sq Ft in 2 Cents

Here’s a wonderful house that lacks the softness of curves. Instead, it has solid lines and sharp edges that only helps to heighten its entire beauty. Simply suggesting, for those of you who urge for the architecture of modern houses, to tell it’s very hard to find a better option than this.


The house is well known for its simplicity and one can see all the walls are left bare and it shouts modishness to every nook and cranny. The entire house is designed to plan on a flat roof, where sloping one is not at all good for this design. Few pillars and beams are seen throughout the house supporting the entire house, mostly the frontal portion.


These pillars and beams are simple and bare with no designs etched in it with a cuboidal structure. The house is planned to plot over an area of 998 Sq Ft in 2 cents.


The house consists of a cool sit out area, a living room, dining area, 3 bedrooms with common bathroom facilities on both the floors, a stair is provided on side of the dining room, a kitchen with an adequate storage facility and a balcony.

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