3 BHK Double Floor Modern Home At 1600 Sq Ft

If you’re searching for a beautiful house with the admirable and modern architectural design, then our suggestion would be to begin your inquiry right from here. The top of the roof is made entirely a terrace that leaves out a modish roof. Nevertheless, the designer has powerfully used a pinnacle-shaped roof and on the windows which are used as external shades. With reference to the modern architecture’s hard edges and squares, the entire house is shaped with squares or cubes. Not even a single soft or curvy spot is found on the entire architecture.


The lack of curves is aimed only to serve to heighten the shape of cuboids and the sharp edges of the walls.The flat roof is designed to be unique in fact it also makes the house look all the more modern.


The rest of roof portion is flat and it helps to lodge a spacious terrace. There is also a simple, plain pillar right next to the sit out area. This fulfills to make the house much more beautiful. The railings used in the balconies are nothing more than a few parallel iron bars which give an extremely simple look.


In fact their plainness will never distract you. The plan of the house includes many facilities such as a compact sit-out, 3 comfortable bedrooms, 2 luxury bathrooms, warm living rooms, dining room with direct access to the kitchen, work area, store, peaceful balconies and an open terrace.

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