3 BHK Double Floor Modern Home Design At 1742 Sq Ft

You should consider this house if you’ve been dreaming of a house that’ll win everyone’s heart within a second. This aesthetic house is designed for double storeys covering an area of 1742 Sq Ft with 3 bedrooms that have an equal number of attached bathrooms. The exquisitely satisfying design of the house is assuredly the first thing that’ll draw your attention. The architect has used some complications on the walls to enhance the beauty and to heighten the effect created by the sloping roofs.


And also this house is a pillar inspired one, all the pillars except one are designed with the granite claddings which is placed just near to the entrance. All the pillars used in this house is cuboidal shaped ones.


The entire house is planned to have as much as facilities for a beautiful family to leave comfortably. The house plan starts with a porch in which the roofs are supported by pillars, a cool sit out is also provided, a comfortable living room, a dining room, pooja room.


Two bedrooms on the ground floor, one on the first floor, a modular kitchen, a store facility, a work area and a peaceful balcony. The house is sheltered with a sloping roof which also helps to heighten the looks of the house.

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