3 BHK Kerala Style Home Design At 2013 Sq Ft

Now, you are currently going through an affordable house design with convenient facilities. This house has 3 spacious baths attached bedrooms and separate work area next to the kitchen. The sloping roof is not only designed to be unique but also to make the house look all the more modern. It is hard not to notice the beautiful granite layers making their way into the walls and pillars.


Speaking of the roof, it slopes stunningly and shelters the entire house. It also assists in making the house look taller than it actually is! You will also notice how incredibly plain the walls surrounding the house are.


In addition to the 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms covered by the plan of this house, living room, dining hall and a kitchen could be found. The open terrace looks so lovely from the front view.


The small porch looks pretty. The dining hall connects the kitchen and living room.  This house plan could be afforded easily by anyone.

Credits : Arc. Praveen M

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