3 BHK Low Budget Contemporary Styled Home Design At 1500 Sq Ft

Plush and alluring, here’s a stunningly beautiful house that’ll make every other neighbouring house to humiliation. The designer has elevated and plotted it in such a manner that one will for sure end up getting the best bang for your buck. The house is made in a contemporary manner with including almost all the modern designs.


The roofs and the external structure were built in a special way that they make every one to stand and gaze for a few minutes.The house has some walls designed and covered up with all the granite claddings and made the house look much simpler with the plain and simple walls.


Few large beams are seen throughout the house with some square designs etched in it. Another important piece of work to be gazed at is the balcony of the first floor, it has special glass railings with the steel rods supporting it.


The entire house is plotted across an area of 1500 Sq Ft and this house is provisioned with all the necessary facilities. The house consists of a sit out area, living room on the ground floor.


Whereas on the first floor it shares space for bedrooms and a dining room.  The roof on the top is a curvy one which makes the house look distinct from others.

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