3 BHK Low Budget Home Design At 1291 Sq Ft

This is a well-considered-out design and plan of an alluring, single floor Kerala house with 3 bedrooms.  It is planned to build over an area of 1291 Sq Ft plot of land and it primarily fulfils everything a home requires to be cosy and charming. Helped with some pillars, this house looks traditional at the very first look yet have some features supporting modern impacts at its core. Moreover, the flat roof gives it a broader look, and wider than it actually was. Doubtlessly, this design will fuse superbly with your society in Kerala. Based on the plan, 3 bedrooms can be planned to put up and out of which the largest will make to the master bedroom. The bedrooms have bathrooms attached for the convenience of the occupants of the home.


Whereas one of the bedrooms will have to share a common bathroom. Still, this will never give any hindrance to the comfort of the members because the bathroom is right in the middle of the two bedrooms. The kitchen is planned to have the same space as that of dining room adjacent to it.


This also makes sure that you don’t have to walk a mile to have a meal from pan. The small adequate workspace is allotted adjacent to the kitchen to have more ease at work. And also a car porch, a comfortable living room, a sit out, a stair to climb up to the open terrace is also provisioned. All together you’ll surely love it.

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