3 BHK Low Budget Home Design At 1600 Sq Ft

Here, to be frank, this house won’t fail to please anyone with a rich architectural taste. It has a narrow yet tall structure that moulds it to stands higher than a stereotypical double floored house with a combination of flat roof with the curvy one on the top to give it a modish style. To the right of the house is the curvy roof, and also it is the only curve found, still, it results in heightening the contemporary design.


Some peculiar factors that are added to the house are an eccentrically shaped, rectangular windows. They go together with the entire structure of the house. The balcony on the first floor is made distinctive since the border shape of the balcony opening is much more unique when compared to the other shapes within the house.


There are few pillars on the ground floor which is designed with stone cladding which makes the house look more elegant and amazing. The entire house is plotted across an area of 1600 Sq Ft with all the facilities needed for a small family to live happily.


The house consists of a sit out, living room, dining area with direct access to the kitchen, a storage room, 3 bedrooms listed up between the 2 floors with attached bathroom, a balcony and an open terrace.

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