3 BHK Low Budget Kerala Style Home Design At 1200 Sq Ft

A house like this would be a consummate fit for those who want to conserve the traditions and culture of Kerala and also leading away into the modern era of life. Everything from its nook to cranny is made simple they still, all the factors are put together in an eccentric manner. You’ll also come across the designs used on the walls with the stones and these embeddings of the stones go well with the overall design of the structure. The house is sheltered with a steep roof, with an extra projection of the roof projecting upwards which makes the roof more highlighted.


It is highlighted with some parallel lined design on the triangular juncture of the roof. There are not many pillars seen throughout the house, but the sit out welcomes with the support of 2 pillars which has a cuboidal shape as well as they are decorated with granite claddings to almost its half portion.


The structure is spread across an area of 1200 Sq Ft and plotted to have a sit out, a warm living room, dining room having direct access with the kitchen and 3 bedrooms with attached bathroom and common bathroom facility.

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