3 BHK Low Budget Traditional Home Design At 1124 Sq Ft

Looking to make up a home with a single floor design? Then here’s an awesome design that you might build. You can see the traditional Kerala architecture engraved into every corner of the house. The traditional railings found on the sit out area are eccentric still classical and they go well with the rest of the designs of the house.


The beautiful pattern is found on edges of the roofs is the only element decorating the roofs. Only two pillars are seen in front of the house and are traditional in every sense. These pillars are cylindrical in shape and also they own two alluring stands on either side, one side holds it to the sit out and the other to the roof.


And also you’ll notice a layer of granite at the bottom of the ground floor. The rest of the house is made plain and bare but that does not diminish its overall beauty.

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