3 BHK Modern Home Design At 2130 Sq Ft

Let’s have a look at this unique architectural design designed mainly aiming for the parking slot. This is a contemporary elevated plan of a double floor house that precisely shines in its own glory. Everything about it is attractive and unique, but the best part will be it is the coverage area of 2130 Sq Ft which it can put together and still gives you with 3 bedrooms. Every bedroom is provisioned with the luxurious facilities.


Each having its own attached bathroom, walk-in wardrobe and dressing room with the luxury only a house like this can provide. The entire house is planned and it lacks even a single sketch of curves, and the windows are made with plain rectangular glass to go closely with the entire design.


The roof has a combination of both the flat as well as the sloping type altogether it follows a distinguished shape. It’s nearly flat but for the little portion slanting into a slope. However, at last, it only demands to heighten the beauty of this house. In addition to the regular facilities available, a parking slot is provided at the basement portion which is connected to the first floor through a stair.


When we enter to the first floor we first come over to the balcony area, a most welcoming living room, 2 Bedrooms with attached bathroom facility, a flight towards the second floor where we have another bedroom with the attached bathroom facility, dining area, kitchen with adequate space for work area and a store.


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