3 BHK Modern Home Design At 2150 Sq Ft

Searching for a villa with a surfeit of provisions of your needs. Then come check this 2150 Sq Ft home design with a classy look. The house is given a snowy glossy touch which makes you like it within a blink of time. A classy sloping roof is given to enhance the beauty as well as to shelter the entire house. Every triangular juncture of the sloping roof is given a square or round design. The sloping roof is highlighted by the thick borders which is used throughout all the nook and cranny of the roof.


It is made of such a way that you can bear with your budget, means its budget friendly!Since it appears to be all in one, it is made with the inspiration of modern era architecture.


The entire house is plotted to have a car porch, a warm sit out, comfortable living room, an expansive dining room, three bedrooms with all having attached bathroom facilities, pantry kitchen with work and storage area.

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