3 BHK Modern Single Floor Home At 1087 Sq Ft

Yet another simple home for those who are looking for a house for two members? Or a small family with three or four members? This is a plan and elevation of a majestic house that won’t cost you much. The single floor house is widespread across an area of 1087 Sq Ft and this house doesn’t fail to show the simplicity and its plainness.  The top part of the house is made flat roof and is nearly invisible due to the steeply sloping roofs.


The walls connecting to the open terrace has an alluring border to outline the house with a yellow shade. Very few pillars could be seen at the entrance and on the porch.


Both are quarterly covered with a grey granite cladding design that makes it mix up in in just a way to match up with the rest of the house. All the windows have given an external shade from the outside. While their main aim is to block out the direct rays of the sun and also to match the roof pretty well. The 1087 Sq Ft of the area is composed to have a small sit out with the most welcoming living room, three bedrooms with only one having the attached bathroom facility and a kitchen are provided with the availability of the work area.

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