3 BHK Single Floor Contemporary Styled Home Design At 1129 Sq Ft

It’s hard to search out a modern house that would exactly fit your ideas. But this house design and plan might put a halt to your search. It could be one of the simplest house we can design or we could see. The entire house spreads over an area of 1129 Sq Ft with a single floor structure. Inspired by the flat roof, the sloped ones are exempted from this plan. The design and plan are given in such a way that both the traditional as well as the modern concepts can be seen in the same house and moreover, it explains the simplicity one house can create.


The house is supported with some cuboidal pillars in front of the house, that is on the sit out and the car porch portion. Pillars are being decorated with granite cladding to almost its half portion.


The entire house consists of many facilities including a car porch, a warm sit out, a cool living room, 3 bedrooms with attached as well as common bathroom set up, a kitchen, work area, and the open terrace.

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