3 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 1180 Sq Ft

Looking for a splendour, super stylish, one-and-half storey house? If a distinctive beauty is what inclines you to a home, then maybe you should check this house out. It seems to be perfectly matching for a beautiful small family. The ground floor has a portion sheltered by a sloping roof, whereas the roof of the first floor is flat. All the pillars are quarterly granite and half concreted. This makes them blend in well with the plain and white walls of the spacious sit out. The outer walls of the sit out are designed granite wall claddings.


Here the windows in the shape of the wide rectangle are found in abundance with the main purpose to draw in more light and giving an extra point for the decoration purpose.  A unique feature which stands out from other house is the provision of the common toilet on the first floor. The other features of this house are the narrow but spacious sit out that will lead you toward the entrance. Once you make way through it the living room is there welcoming you.


The bedrooms are designed right next to the Living room with the bath attached facility. The other bedroom has a direct access to the dining room as well as to the kitchen. The expansive kitchen is accompanied by a  spacious work area.

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