3 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 1398 Sq Ft

Tired of awful regular home designs that repeatedly look the same? Then you may have a close look at this beautiful yet unique house. It is unique for its eccentric and characteristic designs that the designer has expertly apprehended into a single storey. With the usage of both flat and sloping roof to shelter the house, it has a contrasting form of both traditional and contemporary styles. The roofs are designed with both steep as well as the moderate slopes.


One entire portion is having a steep roof as if children’s slide in children park. The entire walls in the house are made plain and solid to enhance the simplicity and modish look. There are very few pillars to be seen near the porch and in the sit out area.


You’ll notice that the roofs also acts as an external shade over the windows blocking out unwanted rays from the sun. According to the plan, the entire house covers up an area of 1398 Sq Ft. Within this area, it is planned to have 3 bedrooms along with a common bathroom facility, a porch, a suitable sit out, a pleasing living room, an expansive dining room, a modular kitchen along with an impressive work area and an open terrace.

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