3 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 1963 Sq Ft

Daydreaming of a house that will surely win everyone’s heart within a fraction of a second, then why don’t you consider this house. It is a single storey covering an area of 1963 Sq Ft with 3 bedrooms and with an equal number of attached bathrooms. The exquisite nice design of the house is for sure the first thing that will draw your eyes. The designer chose to have simple, solid and plain walls to heighten the result made by the granite portions of the pillars. As the pillars are half fixed with granite. This will make them get matched well with the grey coloured sloping roof.


On the other hand, windows seemed to be demanding hard to match with the height of the pillars. The final effect, still, is an unquestionable beauty. There is a small balcony available with the separate roofing, where the balcony railings are designed in a unique manner which appears to be simple and solid that too matches the whole house decorations.


Thereby making them look more plush and opulent. Yet this simplicity always wins while blending in well with the rest of the house. The house plan begins with an alluring porch which is roofed like a mini house and leads to a spacious and comfortable sit out adjacent to the entrance of the house. It gives a way up to a comfortable living room that can welcome many guests at a time. Near to it is the dining room and can be considered as the centre of the house also having it connected directly to the rest of the house. Even all the bedrooms found opens up to the dining room. The kitchen also has direct access to the dining room having a spacious work area that’ll help your tasks in the kitchen.


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