3 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 1100 Sq Ft

Sloping typed roof which are most commonly used in Kerala as a part of traditional look, now get transferred to the modern style. This slanting roof is tiled with two slopes which meets at a point making a triangular juncture. The house is made simple and classic yet a modern look also joins along with this home design.


Not many pillars are seen throughout the house, all the pillars are placed right in front of the house with the simple classic design. Every external windows are given separate shading which is supported to the wall with the help of wooden railings. From the front, one half of the body of the house is made with bricks and is fitted out without even plastering the walls.


From the very first look of this house’s plan, there is a car porch provision, a spacious sit out, a well arranged living room, 3 bedrooms with one having attached bathroom facility, and the remaining sharing the common bathroom, a kitchen and a store room.


Credits : FreeHomeDesigns

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