3 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 1141 Sq Ft

We are giving you a  home design which is absolutely designed to bring a  smile to those who were looking for a small contemporary styled low budget home. This house is extremely a sharp-edged one with no hints of the curve, which actually boost its contemporary look. Few numbers of pillars are provided in front of the house which acts as a supporter and also it enhances the allure of the house. These pillars are cuboid in structure and also they are simple and elegant.


Even the walls of the house are also designed plain and elegant with some projecting beams in front of the house. Every external window is given a separate elongated shading which helps to block out the excess sun rays. The entire house is planned and plotted across an area of 1141 Sq Ft* with all the necessary facilities for a family to live in happily.

The house is provisioned with a car porch which is enough space to accommodate a car, a sit out, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen with a storeroom, three bedrooms with attached bathroom as well as a  common bathroom and an open terrace.

*Home Plan and measurement in Sq Ft may subject to change. The main aim of the site is to just show you the world of home design and plan.

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