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3 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 1200 Sq Ft

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The home designs nowadays look more modish and stylish with all the necessary facilities. Many of the people are ready to try different styles and varieties nowadays. Most of the houses are built in a contemporary format with sharp edges and plain walls.


A few pillars are seen right in front of the house with cuboidal shapes and structure, with the plain design giving it an elegant look. Mostly all the external windows are given a box like a coverup to shelter from the rain and sunshine. A sloping roof is provided in the house just above the bedrooms. Parallel stripes are made in the walls and the simple outlook is made.



In the above design, a plan is given as a reference for your idea and needs. As its structure, a sit out is provided which leads to a warm welcoming living room and to its right and to its left is a bedroom with attached bathroom facility and dining space respectively, two other bedrooms are also provided, a kitchen and a store are also provided.

* Plan is given only for the reference purpose.

*Credits for the respective builders.

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