3 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 1250 Sq Ft

Many of us like combination looks, like tradition combined with the modern home design. Actually we can have a mix and match setup in our house as well. Here we introduce a design with a mix and match set up. The house doesn’t look traditional fully, but somehow from its front view it seems that it is a combination look.


Its windows, doors and the front roof is what makes this house a traditional look. And even the sit out portion is made like a traditionally customized one. Few outside windows are given a box like thick bordered outline which makes the window highlighted. A common sunshade runs throughout the house with a motive of shelter the exterior walls and windows.


A long wide veranda is provided in this design, with a pathway to the comfortable living room, a dining space, a stair to climb up to the open terrace, 3 bedrooms with some having attached and the other sharing common bathroom facility, a kitchen with the work space, and an open terrace.

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