3 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 1292 Sq Ft

In want of a single floor home design with a simple and elegant design, and also which looks stunning with those extravagant designs and the sloping roof, then this will be the perfect option. The house is perfectly designed with the sharp edges and the solid lines with the square blocks. Sloping roof is mainly used in sheltering the house which gives away a traditional touch. The triangular juncture between the slopes is given a simple square like block design.


Few pillars are seen throughout the frontal portion of the house which is elegantly designed with granite claddings. Granite claddings are used in very few pillars, but the remaining pillars are left bare. The house is fully planned and plotted across an area of 1292 Sq Ft with all the necessary facilities.


It is given the provisions like the car porch, a sit out portion, a warm welcoming living room, a dining room, a kitchen, 3 bedrooms with the attached as well as common bathroom facilities and the open terrace.

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  1. Shabeer Muhammed says:

    Does this plan have 3d architectural drawing?

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