3 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 1800 Sq Ft

Simple structures are nowadays coming into the trends with the most demands. Its a simple classic contemporary structure with a sloping roof design. The sit out portion is almost covered up with the sloping roof which attracts everyone’s eyes.Apart from the sloping roof, remaining all the roofs are plain and simple.


All the external walls are somehow decorated and stick with the granite cladding. The triangular juncture of the sloping roof is maintained with some glass and wooden combination designs. There are two pillars seen right in front of the house supporting the sloping roofs.


The entire house is planned and plotted across an area of 1800 Sq Ft with all the necessary provisions. The entrance to the house is given a wide sit out portion which suits the house. From the sit out it leads to the comfortable living room which have a way to the three bedrooms all having attached bathroom facility, a kitchen, a work area, a terrace, and a car porch.


Credits : D Land, jinopaul.

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