3 Bedroom

3 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 780 Sq Ft

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Let’s have a gaze at this marvellous and pretty much creative design that anyone would indeed love to consider. We have got something trendy and elegant at the same time. Well, inspired by the contemporary flat roof design, this house has no hints of even a single curve. The sit out is to be noticed that adds extra beauty to this cute little house.

Not many pillars are seen throughout this small cute house, since the house is very compact, the pillars are set only in the sit out portion as well as in the car porch area. These pillars are given a sharp-edged cuboidal structure which add-on granite claddings to enhance the beauty. Some beams like projections are given in certain intervals on the sunshade portion. 

The entire house is planned and plotted across an area of 7800 Sq Ft with all the necessary needs. The house is provisioned with a small sit out, a living room, a dining space, 3 bedrooms sharing common as well as attached bathroom facility, a kitchen, a work space and an open terrace. 

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