3 BHK Single Floor Low Budget Home Design At 1750 Sq Ft

Inspired by both the sharp edges and curve structures with lines of a square, this single storey Kerala house has come to life. This home design doesn’t have many decorative pillars and the very few present are almost fully designed with a black granite cladding that matches evenly with the basement design. Here the entire house is sheltered using two types of roofs, a flat one and the curvy structure.


The curvy type roof is used in sheltering the car porch area. The sit out area of the house is given the maximum decorative concentration. A beam-like structure is given above on the ceiling area of the sit out portion, The entire house is plotted and planned to design across an area of 1750 Sq ft with all the necessary facilities.


The house is provisioned with all the necessary facilities like a car porch with a parking slot to park one vehicle, a small sit out area, a warm welcoming living room,  a dining area near to the kitchen to make ease for serving, the kitchen is provisioned with all the necessary storage facilities and with the work area, 3 bedrooms with both common bathroom as well as the attached bathroom facilities and an open terrace.

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