3 BHK Single Floor Modern Home At 1250 Sq Ft

We are presenting a magnificent modern yet simple Kerala house design at an area of 1250 Sq Ft. Given here is the elevation of the house that’s meant to thieve your breath away with its fascinating beauty. Far apart from the most modern houses, it has both the flat roof as well as the sloping roof. Here in particular sloping roof decorates not only its ground floor but also a portion of the first floor. The triangular juncture portions of the roof are designed with a beautiful window provided with the glass covering like pattern which seems to be unique to this house alone.


Even the windows have the extended shades that seem to have stolen the pattern from the roof. Two alluring granite cladded pillars, accompanied by the roof that decorates the entrance to this house. Additional pillars are provided in the sit out portion which isn’t decorated with the granite claddings.


The house plan consists of many opulent facilities to maximize your comfort. Among them is a sit-out surrounded by alluring pillars. A noticeable point about this house could be the usage of a minimum number of curves. However, it is clear from the design that the architect has taken great care to make it up with a more number of sharp edges and fine lines.  Some of the provisions included in the house design are a porch, miniature sit out, a welcoming living room,  a dining room, 3 comfortable bedrooms with one attached bathroom, a pantry kitchen with a convenient work area and a spacious wide open terrace.

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  1. Anand says:

    Where is this house with price of Rs.1250/- per sf built. Details please

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