3 BHK Single Floor Modern Home Design At 1300 Sq Ft

It’s very difficult to track down a modern house that would fit your savour. But this house design will put an end to your search. It has a single storey across an area of 1300 Sq Ft and looks absolutely awesome. The eccentric sloping roof that slightly juts downwards is undeniably alluring. Here in this house design, two types of roof designs are used which are flat and the sloping ones. The sloping typed roof is used in the sit out portion and the remaining house is sheltered using the flat roofs.


The entire house has an open terrace with a simple stainless bar surrounding the terrace portion. The basement area is yet another portion of the house which is given a design to highlight the house. The entire house is made up of sharp, solid edges and walls which gives away a  modern contemporary touch.


The entire house is planned and plotted across an area of 1300 Sq Ft with all the necessary provisions like a small sit out area, a living room, a dining area near to the kitchen, 3 bedrooms with the proper requirement for bathroom facilities and an open terrace.

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