3 BHK Single Floor Modern Home Design At 1338 Sq Ft

Today all are running behind modern concepts, modern ideas, colours, thoughts and even the home designs. Such modern concept home design is here which includes the most trending colour. The entire house is carved and etched with almost every modernized carvings and designs. The house is given a special roofing which stands out from other home designs which give away a cool effect. Mainly the sit out portion and the car porch is given a curvy type roofing.


Many pillars are seen throughout the house supporting mostly the frontal portion. These pillars are given a special design in a cuboidal structure. Every window is given a separate elongated shading to protect from the harmful excess sun rays. The house is planned and designed in an area of 1338 Sq Ft with all the necessary facilities for a family to live in happily.


The entire house is provisioned with a car porch, a sit out, a living room, a dining room placed right to the kitchen, a  storeroom, 3 bedrooms all with the attached bathroom facility and an open terrace.

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