3 BHK Single Floor Renovated Home Design 900 Sq Ft

You won’t believe the amazing renovation done to this old house. It is a 900 Sq Ft house which looked shabby and disorganized. This renovation makeover made an absolutely wow some house. This house has a sit out with a hall connecting it for the visitors to be seated or leisure time to be opted out. The necessities of the house remained the same but the interior and exterior designs took a blow out. This house has 3 Bedrooms among the three, two of them have a bath attached and the other doesn’t have a bathroom attached.


The kitchen is very near to the entrance area, that is it is near to the hall. The dining area, as well as the hall, share the same segment just dividing it by the furniture. There is no storeroom available and also there is a door to go through kitchen outside. Since it is a contemporary house, its roof is made curvy to put it a modern touch.


Strong ventilation is given to the renovated house rather than given in the old house. The renovated house made a bliss in the eye of the owner where he gazed at his house for hours and hours.

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