3 BHK Single Floor Traditional Styled Home Design At 2368 Sq Ft

A house like this would be the best example  to show as the preservation of the traditional styles of Kerala. In addition, it also shows out the modern era of Kerala as well. The entire house is planned and spread across an area of 2368 Sq Ft and is plotted in such a way that it utilises each and every piece of land. Every nook and cranny is implemented with traditional cum modern design. The houses are the things that will grow with us and be with us till our ends, so it should be maintained and developed with care.


This house can be said as a pillar inspired one, since so may pillars are seen throughout the house supporting the verandah, porch etc. All the pillars used in this house is a cylindrical one with two main supports on both its ends. A sloping roof is used throughout the house making it rich in its traditional style.


The entire house is plotted to have a car porch, a verandah, a living room, dining room, 3 bedrooms having attached and common bathroom facilities, a kitchen,  a storage space and a workspace.

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