3 BHK Traditional Kerala Style Home At 1440 Sq Ft

Considering this or not, possessing a home with traditional architecture is coming up as the latest trend. It’s comprehensible about the given charming traditional houses look, and to come to the point this house is one of the best examples found. It owns one of the rarest traditional roofs we have seen.  The moderately sloping design ascends up high to meet a few apex or meridians that are designed with a beautiful arrow like structures or cones.


The widely opened up balcony on the first floor is pretty charming and it mixes in well with the total design. The designer had succeeded in retaining the allure of a moderately sloping roof into both the storeys but also decorating it with an awesome border. This border runs almost under every lines and corner of the roof, enlighting its allures in the process.


There are many pillars which are used as a decorative element. The pillars used are cylindrical in shape and they appear to add-on glamour to the traditional Kerala house. The first design used here is the railings near the veranda which is pretty old-fashioned. There are three bedrooms in this house with all having attached bathroom facility.


There are well spacious living and dining room which has a direct access to the kitchen conveniently attached with the work area. There is stair provisioned near the living area to climb up to the first floor. The first floor is planned and designed to have a Living room and balcony as well.

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